Well, I just got back from the Great Canadain Beer Festival.

Uh, when I say “got back”, I mean, I’m at Mike’s brother Donn’s house. I’m not really sure why I’m updating my blog right now. Well actually, I am sure. I’m updating it because I’m drunk. And I’m talkative, and there’s nobody to talk to. Right now I’m waiting for pizza to arrive. There have been a lot of goings-on since the last time I updated my blog. I went and saw three concerts in Vancouver last week (A Perfect Circle, Wilco and REM, and Radiohead), and had my Leatherman confiscated at the APC concert. In between all of that I’ve been doing a lot of nothing. I had a job interview on the phone yesterday. Which was weird, because I wasn’t expecting one. I also went to Evolution with a bunch of people for Joy’s birthday. I got pretty drunk then too. A couple weeks ago I went camping in Tofino with my friends Colin, Sarah and Alan. The pictures are of course in the picture section of my website. I don’t think i can write any more tonight. I promise to write some more soon though.

There has been a lot of stuff going on in my life, now that I think about it. There have been great tracts of nothingness with small bursts of eventfulness. Like my trip to the beach with Morgan last night. A night I expected to be totally uneventful ended up with me having water dumped on my head and Morgan’s dogs being accosted by a large rotweiller at Gyro Park.

OK, I’m trying desparately to write something coherent. But the pizza has just arrived. Now I am going to go eat pizza, and try and think of something more interesting to write for next time. Appreciate that right now I am at someone elses house, who has no idea I am updating my blog right now. 🙂

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