About Me

My name is Ryan Steele. I’m a computer/music geek living in Victoria, BC, Canada. Direct good karma, death threats and marriage proposals to me at ryansteele dot ca.

My friends know more about me than I do, so I encourage anyone who knows me to leave a comment below. Help let the world know who Ryan Steele really is.

10 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Ryan is smart, charming, funny, reliable, dependable and totally likeable in every way. The day he left Hansard to move over to the computer systems branch was a sad day indeed. We aren’t quite over it.

  2. Jade is right (Jade is always right) but on top of that Ryan is an easy guy to be around, and I have never found him annoying, and I cant say that about too many people.

  3. Ryan knows how important change is and frequently he will “reinvent” himself. I’d like to reinvent myself but I’m not that creative or wealthy. GO GETTEM TIGER!!!

  4. From one Riann (pronounced Ryan) Steele to another….Howdy from the rainy capital London. (Oh just in case you might get the wrong idea I’m a female!)

  5. ryan knows what’s what, and in the long list of details that this would normally cover, ryan would definitely cover most of them.

    go ryan!

  6. Hi Ryan

    I got an update from that linkedin site — or whatever its called — today and decided to check out your website. While I’ve been changing diapers and reading history, technology has advanced. I don’t understand most of the stuff in your blog. Hope you are well and happy.


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