Ach Part Deux

Written on my PDA on the bus this morning:

Yeah, this is what happens when I stay up too late. Somehow I’ve acquired this annoying habit of turning off the alarm as soon as it goes off and promptly falling back asleep. Fortunately I usually manage to wake up again just in time to throw on some clothes and get to work, but I really wish I could have showered this morning.

The snow is falling as was promised, though it’s not quite the torrential blizzard I was hoping for. (Can snow be “torrential”, or is that adjective reserved for rain?) Maybe it will pick up later. The person sitting next to me on the bus requested that I open the window since it was getting stuffy, and I happily complied. Now invigorating little wisps of snow are falling down the back of my neck.

For lunch: tuna sandwich. I had time to make it only because I made the filling yesterday. So far I’ve been doing well at keeping my new year’s resolution to pack a lunch more often. It is only day two, however. I make no promises for tomorrow.

The contents of the vent below the bus window:
one finishing nail
one holographic sticker reading “100% UV Blocking / protect your eyes”

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