What’s so great about sliced bread?

Here’s an expression that needs to die: “It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!” I can think of a million inventions that are better than sliced bread. Say, for example, toilet paper. Whatever people were doing before toilet paper was invented, I can pretty much guarantee it was worse than slicing bread.

2 thoughts on “What’s so great about sliced bread?”

  1. You’re right. Some of your choices might have been – depending upon your location in the world and in time: frayed rope, hayballs, scraper stick (aka gompf stick), sheep wool, coconut shell, moss, newsprint, book pages or if you were Louis the XIV or another member of French Royalty, then you could use lace. Leave it to the French. Maybe this was the real reason for the French Revolution? Keep your cake, Ms. Antoinette. I’d be fighting for lace to go along with my bread.

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