Please excuse the mess

UNDER CONSTRUCTIONI was tired of the Flickr badge breaking validation on my site, so I got rid of it. In it’s place, I’ve installed a WordPress plugin to do the job. Say hello to FAlbum! Not only does it display a random selection of my photos, when you click on the thumbnail it displays the larger version of the photo right within my site. Try it out and see what you think.

Unfortunately, the photo display pages aren’t quite compatible with the theme I’m using. I need to do some tweaking with the stylesheets to get everything displaying properly, but it’s a start.

The cool thing about having a blog is if you break it, you can leave it for a few days and you don’t have to worry about your boss breathing down your neck to get it fixed.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: if you scroll down, way down, you’ll see links to CD Baby for both of Jay Dunphy’s albums, as well as links to find them on iTunes. Go buy one (or three), and help us make another one!