Hey, Sports Racers!

For some time, I’ve been peripherally aware of an individual by the name of Ze Frank and his video podcast, “the show“. Having now watched a few episodes, I’m pretty much hooked. It’s “The Daily Show” meets “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” meets “Max Hedroom”. Ze’s sarcastic, fast-talking, no-rules riffing is by turns hilarious and insightful.

The show has a great user-created component as well, where viewers (aka Sports Racers) are encouraged to comment on the show, transcribe episodes, write their own segments for Ze to perform on so-called “Fabuloso Fridays”, and identify themselves on a map in a section of the site known only as THE ORG.

Go watch the latest episode, check out the wiki and stick a pin in the map. You’ll be glad Ze’s thinking so you don’t have to. What’s your Power Move?

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