The Lysine Contingency

I had a dream last night that I got really drunk at a party, and that when I came to, I had two tattoos. One was on my right bicep, and it was a vertical series of strange graphics interspersed with words like “colour” and “fun”.

On my left bicep was the logo for a ridiculously named metal band—”The Lysine Contingency” or something—written in a blackletter-style typeface.

When I woke up I had to look at both arms, just to make sure that I hadn’t really gotten tattooed. And then I realized I had slept for eleven hours and that I was late for work.

So I’m sitting here on my coffee break trying to figure out how to fit this all into a Twitter status update.

*knock knock* Hello?

Oh, hello, alternate reality self. What’s up?

Hey Ryan, you have a blog and you never write in it. You could totally turn this into a blog entry.

Good call, man. Thanks!

PS: I did a Google search, and of course there’s actually a metal band called The Lysine Contingency! Awesome!