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Back in Comox

Seeing as the entry I made on the 25th seemed to work, I’m gonna give another one a try. I’ve finally even linked the blog from my main page, so it’s quite possible that someone other than myself may read today’s entry.

Speaking of the main page, I did a Google search on my name today, and was in fourth place! Quite an accomplishment.

I’m back in Comox for the quasi-long weekend. The boss said I could have Monday off, so I’m taking a four-day breather from the hectic, fast-paced world of trophies, plaques, glassware and promotional products.

I have the sinking feeling that in a couple years I’m going to look back at these first few entries and think it is the stupidest crap anyone could have ever written. I’m already feeling that way about the first entry. I’m hoping to write some essays here at some point, but for now this blog is destined to be a disjointed synopsys of my boring life. Please bear with me while I figure out exactly what to do with this thing.

Question: On my way up to Comox today I saw a car parked at the side of the highway with steam coming out of the radiator. Should I have stopped and offered assistance?

It begins…

Well, here it is. My first weblog entry. Chances are I’ll get bored of this thing within the week and it will stand as a testament to my total lack of motivation to do anything at all. Or maybe it will become hugely popular, who knows. Anyhow, I won’t make it too long because a.) I’m tired, and b.) there might still be some misconfigurations on my server, causing this post to disappear into the void the moment I hit send. I guess we’ll see.

Went to Open Mike tonight with Jay. Would like to have played, but didn’t have any songs prepared. One of these days I’ll finish up a few more songs and then I too can be a star.

That’s enough for tonight. Now, here goes nothing…