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As you may have noticed I’ve updated the site a little. I got rid of the ugly greenness, made a new logo, etc. It’s still a work in progress, as always, but I feel a little better for having finally done something to it.

Now the problem is, it’s 1:12am, and I have to be up at 6:30am. *sigh*

Back to the grind

Well, today was my first day back at work after two weeks of Christmas vacation. Due to the icy streets I elected to take the bus to work, and with more snow in the forecast I’ll likely take the bus to work tomorrow as well.

I’m glad I’m not a big fan of hockey or I would be horribly disappointed.

I wish it had started snowing already. I would love go for a nightime walk in the snow. We don’t see much snow here on the island, so when it happens you have to take advantage. Somehow I have managed to avoid actually seeing any snow falling, as it snowed in Comox while I was in Victoria and it snowed in Victoria while I was in Comox. So far all I’ve seen is the aftermath, which looks nice on the trees but gross and dirty on the roads. I would like nothing more than to wander about aimlessly outside with the snow falling around me, listening to the eerie silence only a fresh snowfall can bring.

Falling snow always reminds me of Song for a Winter’s Night by Sarah McLachlan.

Happy New Year

Well, it’s a new year and I figured I might give the ol’ weblog another try. Let’s face it, my first attempt was pretty pathetic. Maybe this time things will work out better. I’m still debating whether or not to leave the old entries in place. I really want to obliterate them, but I feel like I’d be cheating somehow. So for now they stay.

Lots of new pictures are posted in the gallery. I’m trying out a new gallery script, which you can check out here. Only a couple albums have been moved over so far, I’ll move the rest over when I get around to it. One of the nice things about the new gallery is you can order prints easily, so if there’s a picture there you really want a copy of, click on the picture and select a service from the list box at the top of the page. If you try this, let me know how it turns out.

And if there’s a picture you really wish I’d get rid of, let me know and I’ll happily oblige. I’m not out to embarass anyone. Much.

Roll Call

Well, I’ve heard a couple people actually read this thing. I had no idea, since nobody ever writes any comments. So this particular entry is a roll call. Add a comment, just say “hi” or “i’m here” or “this sucks” or anything. I’m curious who is actually out there… Just click the “Comments” link below and give ‘er.


Well, I just got back from the Great Canadain Beer Festival.

Uh, when I say “got back”, I mean, I’m at Mike’s brother Donn’s house. I’m not really sure why I’m updating my blog right now. Well actually, I am sure. I’m updating it because I’m drunk. And I’m talkative, and there’s nobody to talk to. Right now I’m waiting for pizza to arrive. There have been a lot of goings-on since the last time I updated my blog. I went and saw three concerts in Vancouver last week (A Perfect Circle, Wilco and REM, and Radiohead), and had my Leatherman confiscated at the APC concert. In between all of that I’ve been doing a lot of nothing. I had a job interview on the phone yesterday. Which was weird, because I wasn’t expecting one. I also went to Evolution with a bunch of people for Joy’s birthday. I got pretty drunk then too. A couple weeks ago I went camping in Tofino with my friends Colin, Sarah and Alan. The pictures are of course in the picture section of my website. I don’t think i can write any more tonight. I promise to write some more soon though.

There has been a lot of stuff going on in my life, now that I think about it. There have been great tracts of nothingness with small bursts of eventfulness. Like my trip to the beach with Morgan last night. A night I expected to be totally uneventful ended up with me having water dumped on my head and Morgan’s dogs being accosted by a large rotweiller at Gyro Park.

OK, I’m trying desparately to write something coherent. But the pizza has just arrived. Now I am going to go eat pizza, and try and think of something more interesting to write for next time. Appreciate that right now I am at someone elses house, who has no idea I am updating my blog right now. 🙂

Tweek in Comox

Back in Comox again. It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow (well, technically today.) Went to a CYMC concert tonight, where I got to see my friend Regan whom I hadn’t seen in a year. After the concert, Regan and her friend and I met up with one of my high school band teachers at the pub, and then we went for donuts at Tim Horton’s. Reminisced about our high school days. Gooooood times.

Under The Fridge

Do you own the type of fridge with the coils underneath, rather than on the back? If you do, under no circumstances should you remove the cover at the bottom. I made that mistake, and was confronted with this.

A thought

I just got back from a wonderful dinner at Morgan’s house. Morgan does this crazy thing where she spends all day cooking and invites her friends over to eat all this wonderful food she’s prepared. Morgan is my hero.

It’s 1am and I gotta be at work tomorrow morning at 9, but I will leave you with this revelation I had the other day. It’s nothing really deep, it’s something everybody probably knows deep down, but I think we all need to be reminded of it once in awhile. Here it is:

Life is a game. Happiness is the score.

Back in Comox

Seeing as the entry I made on the 25th seemed to work, I’m gonna give another one a try. I’ve finally even linked the blog from my main page, so it’s quite possible that someone other than myself may read today’s entry.

Speaking of the main page, I did a Google search on my name today, and was in fourth place! Quite an accomplishment.

I’m back in Comox for the quasi-long weekend. The boss said I could have Monday off, so I’m taking a four-day breather from the hectic, fast-paced world of trophies, plaques, glassware and promotional products.

I have the sinking feeling that in a couple years I’m going to look back at these first few entries and think it is the stupidest crap anyone could have ever written. I’m already feeling that way about the first entry. I’m hoping to write some essays here at some point, but for now this blog is destined to be a disjointed synopsys of my boring life. Please bear with me while I figure out exactly what to do with this thing.

Question: On my way up to Comox today I saw a car parked at the side of the highway with steam coming out of the radiator. Should I have stopped and offered assistance?

It begins…

Well, here it is. My first weblog entry. Chances are I’ll get bored of this thing within the week and it will stand as a testament to my total lack of motivation to do anything at all. Or maybe it will become hugely popular, who knows. Anyhow, I won’t make it too long because a.) I’m tired, and b.) there might still be some misconfigurations on my server, causing this post to disappear into the void the moment I hit send. I guess we’ll see.

Went to Open Mike tonight with Jay. Would like to have played, but didn’t have any songs prepared. One of these days I’ll finish up a few more songs and then I too can be a star.

That’s enough for tonight. Now, here goes nothing…